Studio Sessions

Studio sessions incorporate the use of the full range of Pilates equipment, with programming structured and tailored to each individual.

Private (1:1), Duet (2:1), or Semi-Private (4:1) sessions are available, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your Pilates practice.

All sessions are appointment based and run for a 60 minute duration.



Get Started with an Initial Consultation

1 Client: 1 Instructor

All new clients, regardless of previous experience, are required to undertake a 60 minute Initial Consultation. In an Initial Consultation we are able to collate your information, ascertain your overall health and learn about potential history of any injuries.

During the Initial Consultation we will get you moving and perform a postural and movement assessment which will assist us to tailor your programs to your goals and movement needs. This time gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have, set goals and get to know the Pilates equipment in a safe way.

At the conclusion of your Initial Consultation, your Instructor will be able to recommend the most appropriate package for you.



Intro Package

To set you up for the best success, we offer an Intro Package for new clients.

Your Intro Package will consist of: Initial Consultation, 2 Private sessions and 1 Semi-Private session.

The Intro Package allows you to get settled into your Pilates journey; to begin learning and practicing the repertoire with your instructor's full attention, before experiencing a Semi-Private session. You may then wish to continue with Private sessions, or with consent from your instructor proceed with Semi-Private sessions.



Private Pilates Sessions

1 Client: 1 Instructor

Private Pilates sessions allow for 1 on 1 time with an Instructor, creating the opportunity to delve deeper and gain additional instructional guidance in your Pilates practice. They are great for those recovering from injuries or individuals who appreciate a higher level of personal privacy. Many of our clients enjoy treating themselves to the occasional Private session in order to develop a deeper understanding of their body and the Pilates Method.

If there is a health or injury consideration, your instructor will recommend some additional Private sessions before progressing you into a Semi-Private session. Your safety and creating a positive impact on your movement experience is our primary goal.



Semi Private Pilates Sessions

4 Clients: 1 Instructor

Semi-Private Pilates sessions are our most cost-effective packages. With a maximum of 4 clients to 1 instructor, each client is guided through their own customised programs. Semi-Private Pilates sessions are suited best to those who have completed their Intro Package, have previous Pilates experience and are free from acute injury.



Duet Sessions

2 Clients: 1 Instructor

Duet sessions are offered when both participants can consistently commit to their attendance.

Often favored by couples or family members.

Please enquire if Duet sessions are an appropriate choice for you.