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First Timers

At Sense of Power Pilates we want to be able to tailor your Pilates experience to your individual needs and goals. For this reason we always get started together with a private 1-hour Initial Consultation. During this Consultation we take the time to get to know you and discover details about your lifestyle, interests, exercise history and any injuries or conditions you’re managing, so we can develop a program that’s the perfect fit.

These sessions also give us an opportunity to familiarise you with the Pilates equipment and start introducing you to the foundations of the Pilates Method so you get a feel for what to expect. We’ll answer any questions that you have and wrap up our time together by recommending a Studio Session package option to get you started.

You can book your Initial Consultation right here after setting up your client profile.

We’re about to spend 1 hour moving your body, so we’ll always start with a little warm up. We’ll begin on some of your smaller muscle groups and pay close attention to how you’re feeling on the day.

As your session progresses, we’ll move on to more challenging exercises incorporating a range of Pilates equipment. (You can learn about the different types of Pilates equipment here.)

If you’re in a Semi-Private Session with 3 other clients, you might look around the room and notice them all doing different movements. This is very normal—and intentional! At Sense of Power Pilates every client’s Studio Session is uniquely programmed to their individual goals.

As well as working through your personalised program, we’re also making constant modifications to respond to your body’s needs, whether that’s a pain you’re experiencing or a part of the body that’s ready for a challenge.

Your Instructor will guide you every step of the way and take detailed notes so we can build upon your progress at your next session.

Absolutely! We are happy to make ourselves available for a Meet & Greet at the studio to answer any additional questions that you may have before booking an Initial Consultation.

Send us a message via the Contact page to request a Meet & Greet!

We want you to be able to move freely, so wear whatever workout clothes you feel comfortable exercising in. To protect our equipment and ensure your comfort, we do ask that you avoid styles of active wear that have zippers. To help improve your sense of body awareness, you’ll be using the equipment without shoes. Please bring a pair of clean socks or Non-Slip Grip Socks. Sense of Power Pilates has a supply of seasonal Move Active non-slip grip socks available for purchase in all men’s & women’s sizing.

About Our Classes

As we’ll be developing a program uniquely for you, we still ask that you attend an Initial Consultation with us. Just think of it as a Private Studio Session! You’ll have one of our experienced Instructor’s complete attention for a 1 hour workout while we get to know you and understand the goals you’re hoping to achieve. This Consultation is also a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with our Studio and our equipment, and make sure we’re able to deliver on everything you’re looking for in your Pilates experience.
Our Studio Sessions incorporate the full range of Pilates equipment and operate as either Private, Duet (with one other person) or Semi-Private Sessions with a maximum of 4 people. We always welcome new clients by getting started with an Initial Consultation. During this time we’ll explain all of our class offerings to you and find the best fit for your movement and fitness goals. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to an Initial Consultation yet? Book a free Meet and Greet! To support our Pilates ITC Students through their coursework, we also offer small group classes of Matwork and Reformer. Please speak with your Instructor as to whether these are an appropriate addition to your Pilates practice.
We are a Contemporary Pilates studio, which means we take a modern approach to the traditional Pilates Method, which was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. While the foundational principles remain consistent, Contemporary Pilates has evolved to incorporate current knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy, and functional movement. We are always learning and our teaching evolving, so you may hear the term Classical Pilates used to describe an alternative piece of choreography or idea that your Instructor is excited about. As a Contemporary studio, we utilise the full range of Pilates equipment, which extends beyond the most recognised apparatus—the reformer. There are a whole suite of additional pieces of equipment you’ll have access to in your Studio Sessions with us.
All of our Instructors have a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction as a minimum qualification, which means they have at least 560 hours of theoretical, practical and work placement training under the supervision of a Senior Instructor. All of our Instructors also complete regular Continuing Education in order to maintain their industry memberships. As we are an Instructor Training Studio and Work Placement Studio for the Pilates International Training Centre, we often have Students in training observing and assisting in your classes. There are several levels of qualification within our team as well as details on the Continuing Education that our Instructors undertake annually; all of which you can learn more about here.
Pilates is a great way to exercise throughout your pregnancy and in your recovery after birth! We are able to continuously customise your Pilates program throughout your pre and post natal journey. We can accommodate postural changes, help prepare you for delivery and support you in the recovery process, all the while keeping you challenged and most importantly, you and bub safe. We are always open to bubs joining us at the studio and can help with finding a class that falls within bub’s sleep time so that you can focus on you. We also have a wonderful network of Allied Health Professionals that we can recommend too, if required.
Absolutely! Pilates was created by a man, Joseph Pilates, and was originally taught to men. Pilates is for everybody. The use of the spring resistance means that we can control the challenge point for all different body types. Whether you are short or tall, flexible or inflexible, non-binary, male or female the method will work for you.

Instructor Training and Pilates ITC Students

Sense of Power Pilates is an Instructor Training Studio and Work Placement Studio for the Pilates International Training Centre. You can find all of the information about training with us on our Education and Training page.

General Information

Sense of Power Pilates is located at: Suite 4, 181 Harris Street, Pyrmont 2009 The studio is a hidden gem with access through a security door to the right hand side of the Audrey Fine Art Gallery. Look for the green feature wall with “181 Harris” and buzz Suite 4. PUBLIC TRANSPORT Sense of Power Pilates Studio is located approx. 2km from Central Station and 1.5km from Town Hall. “Fish Market” (Stop ID 200938) on the Light Rail L1-Dulwhich Hill Line is a 350m walk allowing easy and frequent access from Central or the Inner West. The 389 and 501 buses conveniently stop directly in front of the studio at the “Harris St at Pyrmont Bridge Rd” (Stop ID 200916). PARKING On-Street 1h & 2h ticketed parking is available in the streets surrounding the studio, including Harris Street, Little Mount Street and Miller Street. The website Parkopedia ( can help familiarise you to parking locations and rates in the area. For Students attending on weekends, Wentworth Park Road, Glebe, currently has Free On-Street parking and is a 7-10 minute walk from the Sense of Power Pilates Studio. Longer stay parking is available at the following multi-level parking locations. Please take time to note the parking Terms & Conditions.
If you think you might be getting sick or have symptoms of an illness, please let us know and cancel your booking as soon as you can. We have clients with weakened immune systems, and we want to ensure our studio remains a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Please note, if you attend the Studio with signs of an infectious illness or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we may have to decline your session to protect our community.
Yes, absolutely. If you suspect that you are coming down with something but would still like to get a Pilates session in, Zoom is always an option! So we can have our technology set up on time, we ask that you contact the Studio with as much notice as possible letting us know that you will need to join Via Zoom. Your session reminder emails will always contain the Zoom link.
Sense of Power Pilates has a strict 24 hour Cancellation Policy. Full fees will be charged for late cancellations made less than 24 hours before a session. Cancellations may be made by email via or phone 0409 722 018. We are happy to reschedule your session for later in the same week, subject to availability. Exceptions to this policy will be made only in the case of emergencies and remain at the discretion of the Director.

Pilates has the power to help you

realign your body
settle your mind
move more freely

It’s our mission to have you leave each session feeling lighter, standing taller and being more confident in what your body is capable of.

So you want to become a Pilates Instructor?

As a Pilates ITC Instructor Training Studio and Work Placement Studio we’re uniquely positioned to help you with your study.