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Our boutique Pilates studio is nestled in the vibrant suburb of Pyrmont, just a stone’s throw from the Sydney CBD.

Boasting the full suite of Pilates equipment, our studio is designed to provide a highly-personalised training experience for professional movers, everyday individuals, and Pilates ITC Students, with programming structured and tailored to each client. 

We provide Private (1:1), Duet (2:1) or Semi Private (4:1) Studio Sessions, each running for 1 hour to ensure you’re able to get the most out of your Pilates practice. We also offer all sessions via Zoom for when clients are needing to travel, work from home, or isolate.

Pilates Equipment Explained

Here’s just some of the apparatus you’ll find at Sense of Power Pilates:

The Reformer

The most recognisable Pilates apparatus, this sliding platform is equipped with springs, ropes, and a bar to allow for a wide range of exercises. It can be adjusted to provide resistance or assistance, catering to both high-intensity strength training and deep, controlled workouts requiring precision and balanced muscular activation.

The Wunda Chair

This is a compact piece of equipment that looks like a boxy chair. With a pedal and springs for resistance, it offers a diverse range of exercises. It’s especially great for lower body endurance and upper body stabilisation. It also gives us lots of variety for mums during pregnancy to avoid lying on their back.

The Cadillac

Also called the Trapeze Table, the Cadillac is the ultimate Pilates apparatus. Equipped with springs, bars, and straps, it allows for a vast array of exercises from gentle stretches and spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics. It incorporates various movement ranges; lying down, sitting, standing, on the side, extension, inversions and even hanging.

The High Barrel & Spine Correctors

This set of equipment is one of the few not manipulated by springs. The curved surfaces support the back and shoulders as you perform stretches and exercises. These are great for promoting breath capacity, flexibility and posture. They aim to align the spine and are ideal for targeting the abdomen and side muscles.

Sense of Power Pilates Studio Pyrmont - Barrels
Sense of Power Pilates Studio Pyrmont - CoreAlign


This piece of equipment is low to the ground and consists of two independent platforms with resistance-based pedal systems. It’s particularly useful for clients with compromised balance, gait, or those fearful of the Reformer due to its height from the ground. The design promotes upright posture, allowing exercises to be performed standing, kneeling, lying down, and in various other positions.

Sense of Power Pilates was generously gifted a CoreAlign with Freestanding Ladder in early 2021 by a Private client and their family.


The foundational tool of Pilates. It’s a simple mat, but it’s where Joseph Pilates began developing his “Controlology Method”, more commonly known as “Classical Pilates”. While it’s incorporated into all client programs, it’s also the stage for unique exercises that challenge and condition the body. 

Sense of Power Pilates Studio Pyrmont - Matwork

Pilates has the power to help you

realign your body
settle your mind
move more freely

It’s our mission to have you leave each session feeling lighter, standing taller and being more confident in what your body is capable of.

So you want to become a Pilates Instructor?

As a Pilates ITC Instructor Training Studio and Work Placement Studio we’re uniquely positioned to help you with your study.