I'm already enrolled as a Pilates ITC Student. What now?

Firstly, how exciting to be starting on your Pilates Instructor journey! We’re thrilled for you! 

As a Pilates ITC Instructor Training Studio and Work Placement Studio we’re uniquely positioned to help you with your study. 

Here’s how we support you to meet your course requirements.


Join us for your own weekly classes to  experience the Method and Pilates repertoire in your own body, under the supervision of a Pilates ITC-approved, qualified Instructor.


Add context to your learning by seeing how it works in a Studio environment. Be inspired by watching our qualified Instructors at work with clients in a range of Studio Sessions.


Build up your teaching hours and get a feel for leading a range of Pilates classes by  co-teaching with our experienced Instructors or in our Student Study times.  

Student Study

Offered at our Studio exclusively for Pilates ITC Students, these sessions grant access to equipment for mastering techniques or practising teaching. 

Our student offerings are uniquely designed to help you meet your course requirements. 

We know finding an accredited studio to complete up to 300 hours of work placement can be challenging. 

That’s why we offer Student Study times, Matwork and 3:1 Reformer Sessions to help you meet your course requirements and prepare for assessments. 

Our Pilates ITC trained Instructors and Educators are passionate and always eager to answer all of your questions.

Let's arrange your Student Induction