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“Observation” and “Co-Instruction” are your Work Placement teaching hours that make up part of a Pilates Diploma qualification. In addition to your Work Placement, you’re also required to complete Self Directed Learning, also known as “Self Mastery”—or more simply, doing Pilates for yourself. This is made up of 1 Matwork group class per week (min) for the duration of your Matwork units, 1 Reformer group class per week (min) for the duration of your Reformer units, and then 1 Studio Semi-Private Session per week (min) for the duration of your Studio units. Sense of Power Pilates specifically offers Student Study times, Matwork and 3:1 Reformer Sessions to help you meet these course requirements and prepare for assessments.
Students are required to attend a Work Placement Studio with a Work Placement Studio Instructor to complete many of their course requirements including Observations, Co-Instruction and Self-Mastery. When you visit with a Pilates ITC Work Placement Studio, you can be assured you’re accessing a high-quality learning environment. These Studios have been selected by Pilates ITC’s Directors due to high quality facilities and apparatus, staff qualifications and their safety record.
While we will accept Pilates ITC Students from all learning pathways, we especially love to work with students completing the Diploma Qualification, right from the beginning of their studies. This allows you to see, experience and understand the entire ecosystem of Pilates study and also build long-term rapport with our clients and existing Pilates ITC-accredited Instructors.
Pilates ITC is one of the leading Registered Training Organisations within Australia. The Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) industry body has a full list of RTO Pilates Training Schools here. When you select a government-accredited course with a Registered Training Organisation like those offered by Pilates ITC, you enjoy quality assurance in the educational product you have purchased. An accredited course provider goes through a comprehensive audit process that ensures that training is nationally recognised and meets strict requirements.
At Sense of Power Pilates, we believe in the power of quality education from the very beginning of a Student’s learning journey. Studying with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) like Pilates ITC ensures that Students receive this type of comprehensive and accredited training throughout every step of their Instructor journey.

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