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Soul Flexible offers you online access to fully certified Pilates teachers and educators from across Australia – all in the one place.  Our teachers come from all walks of life and experiences, with the one thing in common, their passion to share quality Pilates with you.  We’ll share with you our knowledge and expertise to offer you a truly transformative & results driven Pilates experience.

Practice With Us

For as little as $6 per week….

  • Gain access to 80+ on demand classes with new content being added monthly,
  • Connect with and learn from Pilates teachers, practitioners and educators Australia-wide,
  • Enjoy variety and choice with a range of class styles including Pilates matwork, Barre, men’s specific, pregnancy, postnatal and more styles in the pipeline including Reformer Pilates,
  • Easily screen cast your smartphone to your laptop or TV for a more inclusive experience,
  • Enjoy convenience, take us on holiday with you and practice on your own schedule all at an affordable price of $24 AUS per month (less than $6 per week).

Our why behind it all

We’ve come together because we are truly passionate about the future of the Pilates industry and believe in bringing quality movement to the forefront. We teach contemporary Pilates that honours the principles of the Pilates method and values a quality movement practice.
Our standard of teaching is never diluted or changed to follow fitness industry trends. We collectively value staying true to the authenticity of the Pilates method and you’ll feel this in your body through the way we teach and empower you to move. The Pilates method in its true nature works! It’s been proven time and time again just how powerful the method is.

Pilates when practiced embodying the principles (Concentration, Control, Centring, Precision, Flowing Movement, Breathing, Alignment & Commitment) will teach you how to truly transform your body, mind and life.