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Pilates Alliance Australasia

The Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) is an independent and not-for-profit organisation established by the Pilates industry as a regulatory body for control of quality instruction, member support and integrity within all legitimate approaches to the Pilates Method.

The PAA believes in an open approach to regulation and strives to ensure protection of the general public, industry employees and studios, whilst continuing to foster the original intentions of the Pilates Method.


Pilates Education


Pilates International Training Centre (PilatesITC)

Pilates International Training Centre delivers accredited Pilates Instructor training and continuing education in WA, ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, SA and NT.

PilatesITC offers a training program that Joseph Pilates would be proud to put his name to, with a rigorous, high-quality curriculum, energetic teaching faculty and world-class training facilities.

For VIC based student inquiries, please get in contact with National Pilates Training:



PilatesITC Continuing Education

Continuing Education - ALWAYS LEARNING, IN ALL WAYS.

Professional (and personal) development and self-mastery are linked: you can’t have one without the other. Your journey with Pilates, in your own body and mind, doesn’t end when you have your certificate in hand. In fact, this is only the beginning!

Commitment to Continuing Education (CE) as life-long learning is a fundamental cultural commitment we share with our Student, Graduate and Educator family. It is also something we work to make accessible to our peers across the country and around the world. We’re always learning, in all ways!

Pilates ITC facilitates Continuing Education events across the country as hosted by Educators and peers in our network of affiliated Studios. Our team works hard to recruit the brightest Pilates- and multidisciplinary- minds and movers from around the world and bring them to our shores for you.


Reach Movement Health

Reach is a leading-edge knowledge centre for Pilates and movement health practitioners, providing current, science-substantiated education and programming for the evolving needs of our communities.

We embrace movement as the physical art of refinement. An intricate and enduring process of articulation and reform. We understand movement to be more than a workout, but rather a nourishing ritual at the centre of our physical design, encompassing wellness, strength, balance and restoration.

Founded by Sally Anderson, Reach represents a strong educational framework for growth and development of Pilates and movement practitioners.


The Pilates Journal

Journal of Bodywork Movement and Therapy

Pilates Science



Balanced Body Equipment Supplier

Over the years Balanced Body® has been on a mission to create the most safe, effective, and beautiful equipment in the industry - equipment that works with all body sizes, and with different Pilates disciplines. Whatever your background - contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between - we have equipment you'll be proud to own.


Move Active

Australian small business designing grip socks that give you comfort and stability, so you can move and groove freely.


Pilates Nerd Down Under

Inspired by the benefits of the Joseph Pilates method, and the people who practise it, Pilates Nerd is an ever-evolving collection of active wear and accessories, designed exclusively for use in the Pilates studio.